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No Recovery of Insurance Funds by Us, No Fee Paid by You! No Risk! Abba Claims Public Adjusters are some of the country’s most experienced insurance claims adjusters.


About Abba Claims Consultants, LLC

  • Abba Claims Consultants Public Adjusters are some of the country’s most experienced providers of claims adjustment services.
  • We strive to provide the finest possible insurance claim adjuster customer service, keeping you informed of your claim’s progress from the initial estimate until the settlement check.
  • The majority of our clients come to us as direct referrals from previous customers who appreciate our service and support. We consider referrals to be the highest form of compliment and welcome recommendations from others.
  • Our state licensed public adjusters have backgrounds in construction, contracting, insurance and law. That experience helps them to provide better service since they know why each step of the process is important.

When Your Claim is Handled by Abba Claim Consultants Licensed Public Adjusters

You will receive a personal public adjuster, insurance appraiser or loss consultant assigned to your claim.  You also receive access to our legal sources and highly recommended experts, along with full office support to assist you with the claim process.  Not only are the Public Adjusters with Abba Claim Consultants more experienced and versed in the insurance industry then most, they hold a reputation in the industry for obtaining the settlement that the customer deserves.

Our Professional Team of Public Adjusters, Loss Consultants and Insurance Appraisers

take pleasure in being able to serve you in your most vital time of need.  Our public adjusters work with homeowners and business owners who have experienced catastrophic losses such as tornadoes, fires, floods, water damage, mold damage, sinkholes, hurricanes and other covered perils. We understand the challenges that lie before you.  We have the expert knowledge and experience that you are looking for in a critical time of need .

We care about your recovery and understand that few events in your life can match the emotional intensity and financial consequence as a serious property loss can be. It takes years to obtain property and establish a business but only moments to take it away. A few minutes of time invested in seeking out appropriate help and knowledge will greatly benefit you in your recovery. We are dedicated to providing our clients exceptional service in handling your insurance loss while providing your expert loss consultation throughout every step of your insurance claim.

Many people have not heard about our type of service until they have suffered a property loss. We understand that insurance companies would prefer that public adjusters, loss consultants and Insurance Appraisers not be involved with their claims as they enjoy a more controlled and powerful position if the insured is not educated in the claim process.  Insurance companies and the people who work for insurance companies are not bad people, however, many of the tasks that are required in your recovery can not or should not be performed by the insurance representatives. Abba Claims Consultants Public Adjusters was established to represent you and to protect your interest, in measuring, documenting and presenting insurance claims on your behalf, in effort to maximize as well as expedite your insurance recoveries. Once the stability of your home or business has been restored, our team of associates can concentrate on quickly preparing detailed assessments of loss and value for the various aspects of coverage and file these assessments on your behalf with insurance company representatives, therefore expediting claim settlement.
Our team includes attorneys on retainer that are ready and willing to advise you immediately of any limitations and/or exclusions that may be applicable to your policy, which may limit recovery of your claim.

Our associates are skilled, knowledgeable, experienced engineers, builders and or insurance claims loss experts, which prepare very detailed estimates of your loss. These estimates are in a form very familiar to insurance company adjusters and are skillfully developed and presented on your, our client’s, behalf. Our team of professional public insurance adjusters and loss experts will then discuss the extent of the loss with the insurance company staff, adjusters or their experts for all parts of your claim. Abba Claim Consultants Public Adjusters will make the most of their years of experience, knowledge and expertise to agree on a maximum claim recovery on your behalf.

Don’t delay your decision to get the help you need in your insurance claim. Please call us now so that we can review your claim and the insurance company’s documents and position. We will obtain the appropriate insurance claim settlement that you deserve under your insurance policy coverage.


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We provide Public Adjusting Services to homeowners & business owners across the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina & Florida.

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