When you are represented by your Florida Public Insurance Adjuster it Results in Larger Payments to YOU!
Would you jump out of an air plane without a parachute? Would you go to court without an attorney?  NO   The insurance company has experts working for them and you should too!  As professional insurance claim consultants, we provide public insurance adjuster and professional insurance claim appraisal services exclusively for the commercial or residential policyholder.

We Have the Resources to Obtain A Successful Financial Recovery After a Hurricane Disaster
We have the resources and expertise to thoroughly investigate your property loss, accurately prepare a scope of work, document and submit a comprehensive insurance claim.  It’s our mission to obtain a full, fair and expedited insurance claim settlement that is appropriately maximized within your insurance policy coverage.

What is a Florida Public Insurance Adjuster?
Our Florida Public Adjusters represent the interests of the insured-policyholder in the preparation, presentation, and settlement of first party property insurance claims.  The insurance company staff and independent claims adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company.  Our Florida Public adjusters work exclusively for the policyholder or insured.  We do not represent the insurance company.

Florida Public adjusters are required to be licensed by the State , and must follow strict guidelines set forth by the Florida Department of Financial Services.  Including the manner in which fees are charged.  For example, most public adjusters charge a percentage of the claim.  Florida Public Adjusters fee cannot exceed 20% of settlement of the claim.  During the Hurricane Irma State of Emergency, the fee cap was 10% and has now expired.