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Abba Claims Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  Why hire a Public Adjuster if my insurance company has already assigned me an adjuster?

A:The adjuster your insurance company provides works for your insurance company.  Our licensed public adjusters work for YOU, as YOUR insurance claim advocates. A study* that was recently published showed that hurricane related claims that involved a public adjuster settled for OVER 700% MORE MONEY than claims settled between the insurance company and the policy holder.:  The adjuster your insurance company provides works for Non-catastrophe claims that involved a public adjuster settled for OVER 500% MORE MONEY.  As an added value, our public adjusters do not charge a fee :  The adjuster your insurance company provides works for we are able to recover money from your insurance company.

Q:  Can I file my insurance claim myself?

A:  Of course you can file your own claim, but it is not recommended. Insurance policies tend to be filled with complicated language and technical terms that make it very difficult to understand. Our Trusted Public Adjusters are the most skilled, seasoned and experienced public adjusters in the business.

Q:  Can I manage my insurance claim myself?

A:  Of course you can manage your own insurance claim, but it is not recommended.  We know how to sift through confusing insurance policy language to make sure you get paid the maximum amount possible. Often times, we are asked to help clients who unsuccessfully try to settle claims themselves.  Insurance companies hire adjusters to look out for their best interest, shouldn’t you? The public adjuster focuses only on your interests. 

Q: Why can’t my contractor represent me against my insurance company?

A:  Our Public Adjusters are licensed by the State and are the only claims adjuster who can lawfully represent the insured through the insurance claim process.
*** Contractors acting as public adjusters is against the law in Texas. If you notice a contractor violating the laws, please report this violation to the Texas Department of Insurance. Please make sure that your accusation is supportable by providing solid evidence when you report someone who is crossing the line.

Q:  I have already settled my claim but I did not receive enough money to cover the damages. Is it too late to try to get more money?

A: Whether your claim was under-paid or it was denied, as long as the damage occurred less than 5 years ago, it is not too late to collect more money. Our expert Public Adjusters will review your claim for FREE to see if you qualify for more money. Then, we will go after your insurance company for everything that you are owed.

Q:  How much money does a Texas Public Adjuster cost?

A:  Our Texas Public Adjusters only charge a fee if we obtain a settlement from your insurance company.  Maximum of 10% of the insurance claim settlement.  If you don’t get paid by your insurance company, you owe us nothing.

Q:  If I hire a Public Adjuster can I get a rate increase, or can my insurance company drop me?

A:  State law protects your right to hire a public adjuster. They cannot drop you or raise your rates because you decide to hire a public adjuster.

Q:  Do you only hire and work with licensed Public Adjusters?

A:  Property insurance policies obligate you, the insured or policyholder to prove the claim to the insurance company. Public adjusters are skilled in all aspects of the insurance claims process, thereby putting the insured on equal footing with their insurance carrier. Licensed public adjusters have expertise in many areas, including the understanding complex insurance policies from an adjuster’s point of view.

Public adjusters are also trained to identify covered damage and estimate appropriate repair or replacement costs. Public insurance adjusters are familiar the insurance industry and its customs and practices. As a result, they are able to present claims in such a way as to assure the most favorable outcome for the insured.

The immediate aftermath of an insurance loss is devastating and stressful. Knowing that a public insurance adjuster is carefully documenting the damage, and working on your behalf to ensure that you get every penny you deserve under the terms of your policy, brings peace of mind during a stressful time.

Q: What is a Public Adjuster?

A: Public adjusters represent the interests of the insured / policyholder in the preparation, presentation, and settlement of first party property insurance claims. Where staff and independent adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company, public adjusters work solely for the insured.

Public insurance adjusters in Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma are required to be licensed, and must follow strict guidelines set forth by the Texas Department of Insurance, including the manner in which they get paid. For example, most public insurance adjusters charge a percentage of the claim. In Texas, this fee cannot exceed 10 percent of settlement on the claim. There are other rules and regulations designed to assure that consumers in Texas are dealing with well education, professional, and ethical public adjusters.

Q: I live in a remote area, can I still use your services?

A: Absolutely! No matter where you are in the state, our licensed public adjusters will come to you, file your claim professionally and get you paid the maximum amount allowed by your policy.

Q:  When should I call your trusted adjusters?


A: You should contact our Trusted Adjusters immediately upon sustaining damage to your home or business property.  In addition, if you have experienced business interruption or theft. We will be able to provide you with the most benefit if our licensed & bonded public adjusters are involved with your insurance claim from the beginning.  We are also experts at adjusting claims that were denied by your insurance company. Also, we are extremely successful at recovering additional money on claims that were under-paid or denied.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Our licensed Public adjusters are available 24/7 by calling toll free
(888) 908-2042, or in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (214)501-0598, Colorado (303)990-8294, Oklahoma (405)253-5320, Florida (813)418-7632.

Licensed Texas & Florida Public Insurance Adjusters
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Commercial Claims

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Residential Fire Claim
Without the help of Ches Bostick and Abba Claims our insurance claims, from losing our house and all our belongings to a fire, would not have been properly paid by our insurance company. Ches made us feel important and valued. His customer service was excellent. – Sara Nevill

Commercial Hail Claim
Abba Claims took our claim from “no damage” according to our insurance company, to obtaining an insurance settlement of over $480,000.00. We would not be able to get a proper settlement and make the much-needed repairs without the impressive and effective assistance and guidance of Abba Claims Consultants. – Betty Reichel

Commercial Hail Claim
It is with much enthusiasm and great appreciation that I am writing to recommend the services of Abba Claims Consultants, LLC.  Our Association was able to successfully settle our claim.  Our amazing outcome is a result of the professional assistance and guidance we received from Abba Claims.  In addition, our success is due to the excellent detail and preparation of our claim.  From start to finish, Abba Claims was our trusted consultant, gave us updates, assisted in vetting vendors and met with the myself and the Board of Directors as needed.  Abba Claims has our trust and proved their commitment. For this reason, I am happy to recommend their services.  On any other claims, Abba Claims Consultants, LLC will be my first call. – Tara Lee Jolley, Sr. Manager, Oberg Properties, Guest Quarters of Academy Place

Residential Hail Claim
We experienced a terrible hail storm that caused major damage to our home. Our insurance company fought us at every turn until we finally got smart and hired ABBA. Ches, Darik and Malerie worked tirelessly to help us through a VERY difficult time. We are very grateful for their help and consider them family after all they have done. – Daniel Miller


We provide Public Adjusting Services to homeowners & business owners across the States of Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina & North Carolina.

Ches Bostick Texas Public Insurance Adjuster License #1400001
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